When about to perform a calculation, most people feel limited to choose between the extremes of Windows calculator or Excel like spreadsheets. It is amazing that until UniversalCalc.com, no one has conceived an intermediate approach. If you google for online calculators, all you find are just slight improvements over what windows calculator already provides. However, UniversalCalc is different. It is a paradigm shift for those who think:

  1. It is a poor experience to calculate expressions in the Windows calculator, because you cannot simultaneously see all input values;
  2. Windows calc does not provide advanced functionality to perform financial calculations, unit conversions, advanced math functions, date functions, etc...
  3. You are tired of having to launch Excel (or OpenOffice Calc, ...) just to perform quick calculations;
  4. You want to be able to copy and paste a value or expression in the calculator;
  5. Also to be able to change values and not typing everything again.

UniversalCalc is much more than a financial or scientific calculator and was designed from the very beginning to be Quick, Easy and Powerful. All you need is to open your preferred browser (any browser) and go to UniversalCalc.com, which is instantly available to you to perform from simple calculations to long and complex expressions, including advanced math functions, financial calculations, unit conversions, and so on.

Where is the old style calculator keyboard?

UniversalCalc usability shows you that you do not need a visual keyboard to click in, because it is much easier and faster just typing your calculations using your computer keyboard! That is why UniversalCalc does not come with a boring, old style calculator keyboard. Instead, it uses a Google like interface approach, together with a plenty of good examples readily available to you, making it much better suited for this media.

Finally, you will figure out how light and fast it is, because there is no page refreshes and any complex calculation is instantly performed, maximizing its usability for the day-by-day usage.

Why don't use Google instead?

Most people don't know that Google also has a built-in calculator. If you type an expression in Google search, you see the result. The problem is that Google does not document what is supported or not, but UniversalCalc does, having many examples and advanced functions not present in Google. Additionally, it is even faster than Google! How is it possible? It is because UniversalCalc performs the calculations using client code, which means every time you do a calculation it is instantly performed in the client machine and the browser does not even blink.


We believe this calculator to be reasonably accurate and reliable, but this is a free service and we make no guarantees and assume no responsibility for any computational inaccuracies or their consequences.