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12.30+3*2.7+10*1.06+31.09 193.31*(100-6.2)% PI*pow(5.7,2) sin(rad(30)) deg(PI/2) deg(asin(1/2)) fact(8)
log(1000) log(1024,2) mcd(24,36,48) lcm(8,9,21) 153 mod 21 conv(85,mi/h,km/h) weekday(6,6,1944)
1.9891e30 * 73.46% * 6.02e26 fv(20%/12,24,-200) pv(1.5%,20,-110) pmt(1.2%, 24, -20200) nper(2%,863,-30000)

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Examples Explained


  1. Typical calculation of expenses in a bar
  2. A product costs 193.31. How much are you going to pay after a 6.2% discount?
  3. Conversion from 25� Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kelvin.
  4. Circle area of 5.7 radius
  5. Knowing that an angle sine is 1/2, what is the angle in radians and degrees?
  6. Square root of 144 and cubic root of 4913
  7. Number of days since D-Day in June 6, 1944 and the corresponding weekday (date format M,D,Y)
  8. Bruna was born at 10/25/2006. What is the approximated conception date (date format M,D,Y)?
    (Consider a normal pregnancy period 40 weeks long)
    dateprojection(-40*7, 10,25,2006)
  9. The number of five-card hands possible from a standard fifty-two card deck is:
  10. Conversion from hexadecimal (base 16) to decimal (base 10)
  11. The Sun mass is 1.9891e+30 kg, having 73.46% of Hydrogen, which 1 kg has 6.02e+26 atoms. How many Hydrogen atoms exist in the Sun? (The numbers are in scientific notation)
    1.9891e+30 * 73.46% * 6.02e+26


The financial functions PV, FV, PMT, RATE e NPER work the same as in Excel.

  1. A TV price rises from 910 to 1230. What is the percentage raise?
  2. Future Value of monthly deposits of $200 during 24 months at 2% interest rate per month
  3. Future Value of a single deposit of $2000 after 20 months at 0.9% per month
  4. Present Value of 20 installments of $110 at 1.5% monthly interest rate
  5. Present Value of $1000 for 12 months forward at 1.5% monthly interest rate
  6. Monthly payment of a car mortgage of $20200 at 20% per year (nominal interest rate), during 24 months
    pmt(20%/12, 24, -20200)
  7. Annual nominal interest rate of a mortgage of $30000 at 60x of $863 monthly payments
  8. Number of payments of a mortgage of $30000 at 2% monthly and $863 per month
  9. How many months we need to let $4000 invested at 1.5% monthly, in order to reach $8000?
  10. Conversion from 1.53% monthly to the effective annual interest rate
    100*(pow(1+1.53%, 12) - 1)
  11. Conversion from effective annual interest rate of 20% to monthly equivalent
    100*(pow(1+20%, 1/12) - 1)


  1. Conversion from 85 miles/hour to km/h
  2. Conversion from 30 yards to meters
  3. Conversion from 60 centimeters to inches
  4. In the car manual is stated that the tire must be calibrated at 2.1 bar. What is the psi equivalent?
  5. In the chocolate pack is written 7.3oz. How many grams it weights?
  6. The distance from our solar system to the closest star is 4.22 light years. What is the miles equivalent?
  7. A space shuttle achieves 18500 mile/h. How long would it take to reach the closest star (in days)?
  8. Convertion of the number 61500 to bases hexadecimal, octal and binary

See below the complete unit Conversions reference supported by the conv function.


  1. The remainder of 153 divided by 21 (also known as "modulo of 153 by 21")
    153 mod 21
  2. Number of days between two dates
    days(05,10,2006, 12,31,2008)
  3. Sine of 30�
  4. Number of anagrams that could be made from the word "brasil"
  5. Calculating the average and standard deviation, given the following heights of a basketball team: 1.89,1.93,2.02,1.95,1.87,2.05,2.12
  6. The maximum common divisor of numbers 24, 36 e 48
  7. The least common multiple (or lower common multiple) of numbers 8, 9 e 21
  8. How many bits are needed to store a number with a limit of 6 digits?
    (We just need to calculate the base 2 logarithm of 999999 and round it up)
  9. Random number between 0 and 100

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Operators, Constants and Functions reference


x + ySum
x - ySubtraction
x * yMultiplication
x / yDivision
x mod yRemainder of x divided by y (also known as modulo)
x%Percentage (equivalent to x/100)
eScientific Notation - for instance, 360 could be written as 3.60e+2
0xHexadecimal prefix (base 16)


PIValue of PI (aprox. 3.14159)
EValue of Euler constant (aprox. 2.718)
LN2Value of natural log of 2 (aprox. 0.693)
LN10Value of natural log of 10 (aprox. 2.302)
SQRT2Square root of 2 (aprox. 1.414)


AlgebraicAbs(x), Sqrt(x) [Square Root of x], Pow(x,y) [x raised to power of y], Fact(n) [Factorial of n], Gamma(n) [Gamma(n)=Fact(n-1)], MCD(a,b,c,...) [Maximum Common Divider], LCM(a,b,c,...) [Least Common Multiple]
TranscendentalExp(x), Ln(x) [natural logarithm], Log(x) [base 10 logarithm], Log(x,b) [logarithm of x in base b]
TrigonometricSin(x), Cos(x), Tan(x), Cot(x), Sec(x), Csc(x)
Inverse TrigASin(x), ACos(x), ATan(x), ACot(x), ASec(x), ACsc(x)
HyperbolicSinH(x), CosH(x), TanH(x), CotH(x), SecH(x), CscH(x)
Inverse HypASinH(x), ACosH(x), ATanH(x), ACotH(x), ASecH(x), ACscH(x)
CombinatoricsCombination(n,p), Permutation(n,p),
StatisticalNorm(x), Gauss(x), Erf(x), ChiSq(x,df), StudT(t,df), FishF(F,df1,df2), Mean(a,b,c,...), GeoMean(a,b,c,...), StDev(a,b,c,...) [Standard Deviation], Variance(a,b,c,...)
Inverse StatANorm(x), AGauss(x), AErf(x), AChiSq(p,df), AStudT(p,df), AFishF(p,df1,df2)
DateDays(m1,d1,y1, m2,d2,y2) [number of days between the dates], Days(m1,d1,y1) [m2,d2,y2 are assumed to be the current date], WeekDay(m,d,y), DateProjection(days, m,d,y), DateProjection(days) [m,d,y are assumed to be the current date]
FinancialFV(rate;nper;pmt;pv;type), PV(rate;nper;pmt;fv;type), NPER(rate;pmt;pv;fv;type), PMT(rate;nper;pv;fv;type), Rate(nper;pmt;pv;fv;type)
MiscellaneousConv(x,u1,u2) [conversion of x from unit u1 to u2], Deg(rad) [from radians to degrees], Rad(deg) [from degrees to radians], Random() [random between 0 and 1], Round(x) [rounds to the closest integer], Round(x,d) [rounds preserving d decimal places], Hex(x) [to hexadecimal base], Bin(x) [to binary base], Oct(x) [to octal base]


  • The calculator is case insensitive. For example, you may use Sqrt(9), sqrt(9) or SQRT(9);
  • The trigonometric functions operate in radians (see functions rad() and deg() to convert angles);
  • Some functions accept any number of arguments and are denoted by (a,b,c,...);
  • The Financial functions work the same as in spreadsheets like Excel and OpenOffice Calc;
  • The Date functions are based in Gregorian Calendar, which is established since 24 February 1582;
  • The statistical functions Norm and StudT return 2-tail p-values (e.g.: Norm(1.96) returns 0.05), while ChiSq and FishF return 1-tail values. This is consistent with the way these functions are most frequently used in statistical testing (instead of "left integral" representing the area under the curve between minus infinity and z). If you want the left integral of the normal (Gaussian) probability function, use Gauss(z) (e.g.: Gauss(1.96) returns 0.975). The Erf function is the classic "error function".

Supported Unit Conversions

See below all supported units. For some units this function also recognizes abbreviations, which are enclosed in ( ). All units are case insensitive, which means for example, that Conv(1,ATM,Torr) works the same as conv(1,atm,torr).

TEMPERATUREcelsius (C), kelvin (K), fahrenheit (F)
WEIGHTkilogram (Kg, kilo), gram (g), milligram (mg), ton (ton), pound (lb), ounce (oz), carat, atomic mass unit (u)
LENGTHmeter (m), foot, yard, inch (in), kilometer (km), mile (mi), nautical mile, centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), micrometer, nanometer (nm), light year (ly), parsec (pc), astronomical unit (au)
AREAsquare meter (m2), square foot, square yard, square inch (in2), square kilometer (km2), square mile (mi2), square centimeter (cm2), square millimeter (mm2), square micrometer, acre, hectare
VOLUMEcubic meter (m3), cubic foot, cubic yard, cubic inch (in3), cubic kilometer (km3), cubic mile (mi3), cubic centimeter (cm3), cubic millimeter (mm3), liter (l), milliliter (ml), pint, quart, gallon, barrel
VELOCITYmeter/second (m/s), kilometer/hour (km/h), mile/hour (mi/h, mph), foot/second (ft/s)
TIMEsecond (s), millisecond (ms), microsecond, nanosecond (ns), picosecond (ps), minute (min), hour (hr, h), day (d), week, month, year
PRESSUREpascal (pa), bar (bar), ksi (ksi), psi (psi), torr (mmHg), atmosphere (atm)
POWERwatt (W), horsepower (hp), btu/hour (Btu/h), btu/second (Btu/s), kilocalorie/hour (Kcal/h), calorie/hour (cal/h), calorie/second (cal/s)
ENERGYjoule (J), erg, electron-volt (eV), megaelectron-volt (MeV), kilowatt-hour (kWh), calorie (cal), kilocalorie (Kcal), btu, kiloton (kton), megaton (Mton)


We believe this calculator to be reasonably accurate and reliable, but this is a free service and we make no guarantees and assume no responsibility for any computational inaccuracies or their consequences.